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Career Ed 


     This course is all about YOU - who you are, your strengths, learning, interests and goals!  All the course assignments and evaluations are available here.  Speak to a teacher, SEA, parent or classmate if you need help.  If they can’t help you, they will point you toward someone from the LSS career team that can.


     Use the timeline on this page to stay on top of your work.  If you miss a fixed flex or run out of time in class it is your responsibility to complete the work on your own time.  Remember, the computer lab in the library is open before and after school, as well as at lunch time. Our teacher-librarian, Ms. Li, can assist you with log-ins, passwords and using myBlueprint. 

     May you learn more about who you are as an individual, a learner and as a member of society while you journey through these tasks.

letter to parents

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Core Competencies


June Mini Capstone

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