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Read the access process & then click the logo to get on the sites.

BC Science Connections 9 

BC Science Connections 10

BC Biology 12

Mathlinks 9: Pathways to Success

Mathlinks 10: Pathways to Succsess

Foundations of Mathematics 11

Socials 9

Creating Canada (SS10)

History Uncovered (SS10) 

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Username: bc912

Password: NelsonBC123

Find these textbooks 

  1. Click on the logo to go to the login page. 

  2. Enter the username & password from above.

  3. Type the title of the textbook you need into the search bar. 

  4. Double-click on the textbook image to open the book.



Find these textbooks 

Hebden Chemistry 11

Hebden Chemistry 12


  1. Get your textbook code from your teacher & have it handy.

  2. Click on the icon above to go to the website.

  3. Enter your code.

Thinking it Through (SS9)

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Find these textbooks 


  1. Click on the logo to go to the site.

  2. Register for a free account.

  3. Search for Thinking it Through using the search bar.

  4. Add the book to your cart then click "Check Out".

  5. "Claim the book"

  6. Open the book and register your email with Texidium. 

  7. Verify your email and start reading. (The email might be in your junk inbox)

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