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Sora is OverDrive's educational platform for ebooks & audiobooks.

Similar to the public library's Libby app.


  1. Go to

  2. Click on "I have a setup code" at the bottom of the page. 

  3. Enter the code sd35ca and select Langley School District.

  4. Login using your school email and password. (Don't know your account? Click here)

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  • Home - Look at a snapshot of your borrowed books, your defined words & your highlights/notes.

  • Explore - Browse all available books.

  • Shelf - Access your borrowed books. 

  • Me - Presents your reading stats. 

  • Upper Right Corner - Click on the horizontal lines to open up the settings. 

  • Upper Left Corner - Click on School District 35 to switch between your school catalogue and the public library catalogue that you've connected.

Settings Sidebar: 

  • Add a public library - This is a super handy feature that allows you to connect your public library's catalogue to Sora. Connect your account once and you'll be able to read your public library ebooks & audiobooks in Sora too. 

    • Click on the icon & search for
      Fraser Valley Regional Library​

    • You'll be asked to input your public library card number the first time you try to borrow a book.

  • General Setings - Change Sora to another language (just the app, not borrowed books).

  • Sign Out - Log out of Sora.

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Sora Settings.png

eBook Navigation:

  1. Click on the center-bottom of your current page to open the settings.

  2. The bottom bar shows your progress through the book. You can click on the chapter to open up the chapter selection sidebar, or click on the page number to switch between # of pages left in the chapter or percentage of the book read. 

  3. Click on                to toggle between single or double page view of the book.

  4. Click on                to bookmark the page so you can come back to it.

sora setting 1.png
sora setting 2.png
Sora Book.png
sora setting 3.png
  • Click on                to open more settings.

    • Select Reading Settings​ to change:

      • Text size​ & font

      • Lighting - White / Sepia / Dark

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